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Five Reiki Ideals

Within the Reiki community we try to apply some simple ideals to everything we do in our lives. By applying these ideals we are able to learn from our experiences and move on through life, rather than simply thinking the world is out to get us every time something that appears to be an obstacle is put before us. I have tried to explain these ideals and how to use them, it is not to say that they should run everything you do simply look back on the events of a day and see if they could have been applied to make your day a more pleasant experience for you and those around you. (They are great for traffic jams)

Just for today, do not worry

Worry is futile, it does not solve a problem it simply magnifies it and makes it more powerful. Therefore if you have a problem, do something about it. Tackle it and resolve it, if you can.
To worry means that you have forgotten the fact that everything is meant. Very often when a problem hits us, we feel it is unfair or wonder why? If we then look back we can see that it was a positive turning point and we have simply followed a path that may not have been open to you before that point. If you had spilt from a partner, you may now be with someone else, or have grasped a business opportunity that you would not have seen before. When something negative occurs, it is only a lesson that needs to be learnt. Nobody is perfect and as long as you so not hurt anybody else, your imperfections do not matter. You should expect the best in life, and when you receive something you did not expect, know that it is the best for you in your present situation

Just for today, do not anger

This does not mean that anger is bad, simply that you should channel that anger into being a positive action and then let it go. Holding onto anger as with worry will not resolve the issue in question.

Honour your parents, teachers, and elders

You can learn something for virtually everyone you meet. Be grateful for these lessons, no matter where they occur.

Show gratitude to everything

To live in gratitude is to live in abundance. Being grateful for everything that you receive or that occurs means that you are living in happiness.

Earn your living honestly

Firstly be honest with yourself and about what you want from life. You may be able to fool others but you can never cheat yourself (for long anyway). When we face life honestly, we can clearly see the lessons that are around us. A life of illusion is very complex and diverts our energy from that which is important.

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