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This is a page that may sound very self indulgent, airy-fairy or egotistical, but its not. It is meant as a thanks to those who have lead me to where I am today, for their help and guidance along the way. Everyone I have ever met should be listed for in a way they have all helped shape the person I have become through both good and bad experiences for they have all lead me to this point.

Who to pick??

I could not start with anyone but my family, Mum, Dad, andBrother. It does not get said enough, but thank you. Help, support, an email orphone call checking that Iím alive itís all appreciated.

Teachers and Lectures throughout the years, have allinfluenced and affected the person I have become (as mentioned above both goodand bad, if any of you are reading this and I like to think that someday youwill be, you all helped in your own way.)

Teacher that I would like to give special mention to areall related to Reiki in particular.

SiFu Noel Adams, SiFu Paul Giles, and SiJo Gary Foo.

These have been listed in the order in which I met them, Firstly SiFu Noel (SiFu Translates to Teacher) I first met him socially, just plain old Noel, then was invited to join the martial arts club he was a member of and taught at.

Heís Noel most the time but still gets the respect he disserves as SiFu onoccasions, though we no longer train together as regularly as I would like. Noelintroduced me to Sifu Paul, who ran the Reading branch of Philosopher andWarrior, a Martial Arts Team practicing the art of Woo Gar Mo Sut (The FooFamily Blend of Martial Arts) Founded by SiJo (Founder) Gary Foo.

Withinthe team I learned various fighting arts and control techniques along withtraining and teaching techniques, some of these revolve around Chi (energy)drills. My first introduction to the concept of flowing energy.

My Reiki Masters: Hayden and Andy. (Details to be uploaded)

Jan 2005

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