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We currently offer two services providing Reiki Treatments as either a mobile service (in and around Reading, Berkshire) in your own home, or in Central Reading. Both of which can be arranged via e-mail or by contacting us on the number below.

What is a 'Treatment'?

As mentioned in About Reiki we are dealing with the Ki (Chi) of both ourselves and the World and Universe around us. Within a Reiki treatment the practitioner will place their hands in set positions on or over the patients body, these relate to energy center and some are referred to as Chakra's. Each Chakra is a junction where subtle internal energy channels meet and universal life force energy can either enter of leave the body. The Chakra's are linked to the different levels of our aura's this is what allows the practitioner to work without touching the patient as they are working within the aura which, in turn, is passing the energy to where it is needed.

The purpose of this is to bring balance to the interal energies and remove blockages to allow the the Ki to flow properly within the body. Once this harmony (a yin/yang principle) has been established then the body is in a better state to heal itself by combating the cause rather than simply suppressing the symptoms.

A Tablet or Pill my remove your headache, but it does not remove the stress or treat the rundown feeling and lack of energy that may have caused it in the first place. This leaves you suseptable to having another headache as soon as blocking effects begin to wear off.

Reiki, however

  • Will assist in relaxing your body, mind and spirit.
  • Help you to de-stress
  • Give strength to your immune system
  • Give you an energy boost

And as a result will

  • Heal a wide variety of aliments
  • Help prevent further physical disorders
  • Therefore maintain you in an optimum state of health
19th March 2002

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